Porphyrin Books: Metal Complexes, Physical Chemistry

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Miscellaneous topics
Coordination, Metal Complexes, Catalysis, Oxidations
Metalloporphyrins Catalyzed Oxidations (Catalysis by Metal Complexes, Vol 17)
F. Montanari, L. Casella (Editor) / Hardcover / February 1994
Metalloporphyrins in Catalytic Oxidations
Roger A. Sheldon (Editor) / Hardcover
Coordination Compounds of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanine
B. D. Berezin
Metal Complexes With Tetrapyrrole Ligands I (Structure and Bonding, Vol 64)
J. W. Buchler (Editor), David Dolphin (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1987
Photochemistry, Excited States
Porphyrins: Excited States and Dynamics (ACS Symposium Series, No 321)
Martin Gouterman, Peter M. Rentzepis, Karl D. Straub (Editor)
Photochemistry of Polypyridine and Porphyrin Complexes
K. Kalyanasundaram / Hardcover / October 1997
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