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Porphynet is a collection of links for people interested in a 'group of compounds containing the porphin structure of four pyrrole rings connected by methine bridges in a cyclic configuration'. The site offers links to 'experts', books and journals featuring porphyrin chemistry, porphyrin articles on the web, medical applications of porphyrins and much more.

Porphyrin–peptide in biomed

The conjugation of peptides to porphyrins and related tetrapyrrole based macrocycles have extended their applications in biological systems, where the photophysical properties of these molecules and their ability to coordinate metals can be exploited for detecting and opposing to the onset of important diseases. Peptides based strategies to improve the efficacy of the photosensitizer (PS) in PDT will be discussed, as well as solutions to overcome some limitations recently emerged in the use of peptides as delivery vehicles. An overview on possible application of porphyrin–peptide conjugates in detection of biomarkers of physiological and pathological states will be also presented

Contributor company 

RCNET-Chemcials is a research chemical company who specializes in the synthesis of porphyrins, phthalocyanines and related compounds. Our products are key precursors for research chemicals in the fields of health, smart materials and chemical processes.

updated 2020