Porphyrin(oid) of the month

This page is intended to display picture(s) and related information about a particularly interesting molecule.

Suggest a molecule to be displayed here. Threedimensional structures would be best.

Each month a featured porphyrin or porphyrinoid will be displayed on this page. In the case where the files cannot be stricly part of this site (for copyright reasons), a link will be given to take you to an external page.

If you wish to contribute to the "Porphyrin(oid) of the Month" page, please contact Porphynet.

To view 3D molecules, please make sure your browser has the following plug-ins
Chem3D Plugin
Chemscape Chime
Cortona VRML Client
Cosmo Player
Dummy porphyrin: propose a good one!
Pictures of Porphyrins
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