Research Laboratory for Drug Design

Head of group
  • Zinaida I. Zhilina, Professor, Dr., (Organic Chemistry).

  • Department of Chemistry
    I. I, Mechnikov Odessa State University
    270026, 2 Dvorjanskaja Str.
    Odessa, Ukraine

Group members
  • Sergiy V. Vodzinskyy, Ph. D., (Organic Chemistry). E-mail:
  • Yurij V. Ishkov, Ph. D., (Organic Chemistry). E-mail:
  • Anna M. Kirichenko, Research Assistant
  • Vladimir L. Malinovsky, Ph. D., (Organic Chemistry).
    (A. V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute of National
    Academy of Sciences, 270080, 86 Lustdorfskaja doroga, Odessa, Ukraine).

Professional experience
  • We worked for long time with different structures of meso-substituted porphyrins . There are symmetrically and asymmetrically substituted alkyl-, aryl-, heteroarylporphyrins and many functional derivatives. We also synthesized crown and azacrown porphyrins, as well as pentameric TPP and very soluble pentameric TPP with 24 tert.-butyl substituents. We were first at dimerizing various isomeric formyl-TPP by treatment with low valency titanium. The reactivity of the functional groups under dependence of the nature of the central metal ions was the object our investigation as well. We have some experience in synthesis of 5,15-disubstituted porphyrins, as well as dodecasubstituted (aryl and halogen) structures.

At present our research interests include
  • The study of the chemical properties of new products formed by intramolecular cyclization of metallocomplexes of b-formyl-TPP and b-hydroxymethyl-TPP.
  • The synthesis of b-disubstituted derivatives of TPP and their chemical transformations.
  • Functionalization of the b-positions of meso-tetraheterylporphyrins (with isomeric pyridyl- and quinolinyl- substituents) by radical nitration and followed by the vicarious nucleophilic substitution of the neighboring hydrogen by carbanions containing a good leaving group at the carbanionic center.

Recent publications (full list upon request):
  1. Vodzinskii, S., Malinovskii, V., Ishkov, Yu., Zhilina, Z.
    Porphyrins and their derivatives. XX. Synthesis and properties of 2-nitro-5,10,15,20-tetraheterylporphyrine
    Zhurnal organicheskoi khimii 1998, 34 (6), p933-936. (in Russian).

  2. Ishkov, Yu., Zhilina, Z. and Krivushko, V.
    Porphyrins and their derivatives. XIX. Investigation of possibilities of a synthesis of 5-formyl-10,15, 20-tetraphenylporphyrine
    Zhurnal organicheskoi khimii. 1997, 33 (9), p1421-1426. (in Russian).

  3. Malinovskii, V., Vodzinskii, S., Zhilina, Z., Andronati S., Mazepa A.
    Porphyrins and their derivatives. XVIII. Vicarious nucleophilic substitution of hydrogen in 2-nitro-5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrine.
    Zhurnal organicheskoi khimii. 1996, 32 (1.), p119-123. (in Russian).

  4. Ishkov, Yu., Zhilina, Z.
    Porphyrins and their derivatives. XVII.Intramolecular cyclization complexes of 2-formyl-5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrine.
    Zhurnal organicheskoi khimii.1995, 31 (1), p136-139. (in Russian).

  5. Malinka E., Kamalov G., Vodzinskii S., Melnik V., Zhilina Z.
    Hydrogen production from water by visible light using zinc porphyrin-sensitized platinized titanium dioxide.
    J. Photochem. Photobiol. A: Chemistry 1995, 90, p153-158.

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