Anderson - D'Sousa

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Anderson, Harry L. (European Union, United Kingdom)
Arnold, John (United States, California)
Balch, Alan Lee (United States)
Beale, Samuel I. (United States, Rhode Island)
Prof. Beale e-mail:
Berenbaum, M. C. (European Union, United Kingdom)
Bettleheim, A. (Israel)
Bhyrappa, P. (India)
Bied-Charreton, C. (European Union, France)
Dr. Bommer, Jerry (United States, Utah)
Jerry Bommer

Frontier Scientific, Logan, Utah
United States of America

(bio update 2002/02/10)

Bonnett, Raymond (European Union, United Kingdom)
Boyle, Ross (European Union, United Kingdom)
Prof. Boyle e-mail:
Brückner, Christian (United States, Connecticut)
Brückner e-mail:
Bruice, Thomas C. (United States, California)
Prof. Bruice e-mail:
Buchler, Johannn W. (European Union, Germany)
Buckingham, David A. (New Zealand)
Bump, Charles M. (United States)
Chan, Kin Shing (China, Hong Kong SAR)
Prof. Chan e-mail:
Chang, Chi Kwong (China, Hong Kong SAR)
Collman, James P. (United States)
Chrysochoos, John (United States, Ohio)
Daul, C.
Daunert, Sylvia
Prof. de Paula, Julio C. (United States, Pennsylvania)
Julio de PAULA obtained his Ph.D. with Gary Brudvig at Yale University and was a National Institute of Health post-doctoral fellow with the late Gerald Babcock at Michigan State University. He has been at Haverford College since 1989.
He works on the spectroscopy, photobiology, and photochemistry of porphyrins and chlorophylls with emphasis on photosynthetic energy transfer, the rational design of drugs for photodynamic therapy, and the development of porphyrin-based nanoscopic and mesoscopic materials. The main spectroscopic techniques used in his lab are flash photolysis, Raman spectroscopy, and laser light scattering.
He is the author of over 40 research articles and two books – Physical Chemistry and Explorations in Physical Chemistry, both with Peter Atkins (University of Oxford) – and is the recipient of a Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.
(bio update 2002/02/09)
DiMagno, Stephen G. (United States, Nebraska)
Prof. DiMagno e-mail:
Dolphin, David (Canada, British Columbia)
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D'Souza, Francis (United States)
Prof. D'Souza e-mail:
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