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The Global Environment: Invitation for RITE Research Proposals
Polymers Photovoltaic Solar Cells
Photovoltaic Devices Based on Dye-Sensitized Oxidic Semiconductors
Solar cells without silicon
Massey University scientists are leading an international research effort to adapt photosynthesis: the way green plants trap solar energy.
Miscellaneous topics
Periodic table
Molecular Electronics
In this project, several classes of molecular photovoltaic species are being synthesized and studied. These include porphyrin-fullerene dyads, carotenoid-fullerene dyads, a carotenoid-porphyrin-fullerene triad, carotene-porphyrin-imide triads, and molecular dyads and triads containing two porphyrin moieties.
Clifford C. Leznoff
Although they have been used as dyes for a long time, phthalocyanines have recently found applications in semiconductivity, photoconductivity, catalysis, electrocatalysis, photovoltaic materials, molecular sensors, non-linear optics and molecular metals.
Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines
...photoconductivity and photovoltaics, Dyes and pigments, coatings, semiconductor microdevices, electrochromism and photochromism, catalysts, molecular electronics and photonics...
Approaches to Conducting Polymer Devices with Nanostructures:
Photoelectrochemical Function of One-dimensional and Two-dimensional
Porphyrin Polymers with Oligothienyl Molecular Wire.
The nanofabrication of molecular semiconductors for the construction of molecular photoelectronic devices is an important area of research; to this end, we have constructed porphyrin polymers possessing a tailor-made structure. In this paper, we report the photoelectronic function of the porphyrin polymers connected by oligothienyl bridges.
Optical, electrical and ion beam analysis of electropolymerized porphyrin layers
Marye Anne Fox
Physical Organic Chemistry
Professor, Chancellor
B.S., 1969, Notre Dame College
Ph.D., 1974, Dartmouth College
Member, National Academy of SciencesScientific Publications
Solar power tested in New Zealand
At Massey University, Tony Burrell and David Officer have been involved in chemical research known as carbon-based photon harvesting.
Solar Energy Materials And Solar Cells
Vol: 37, Issue: 1, April 1995
Universiteit Utrecht
Organic solar cells based on flat films
Associate Professor
B.Sc. 1979, University of Ife
M.A. 1982; Ph.D. 1986, Brandeis University
Photochemistry, Photobiology and Photophysics of Porphyrin Compounds and their applications to energy transformation processes involving oxidation reduction reactions; charge transfer processes and photodynamic therapy of subcutaneous tumors; photorefractivity of porphyrin polymers, photoelectrochemistry on porphyrin coated electrodes and thin films. Synthesis of novel porphyrin compounds and their analogs; Cellular growth from porphyrin substrates.
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