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Periodic table
Miscellaneous topics
Cleavage of double-stranded DNA by `metalloporphyrin-linker-oligonucleotide' molecules
Faculty: Thomas C. Bruice
Polyhedron, Volume 16 Issue 16
Richardson Publications
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, Volume 117 Issue 1-3
Bruice Group Web Page
CWRU School of Medicine Physiology & Biophysics
Peptide nucleic acid-anthraquinone conjugates: strand invasion...
DOE Roadmap: Chapter 3
Human Radiation Experiments: Roadmap to the Project: DOE Roadmap: Chapter 3
Mining and Geological Terms Glossary
Presentation generale
Nora Nelson (KMS Group Member Profile)
Talanta, Volume 43 Issue 3
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Volume 408 Issue 1-2
ISU Chemistry Department Faculty
Bio-Logic - Nitric Oxide Microprobe System - EMS-100
Stephane TREVIN
Minerals and Mineralogy. A section of West's Geology Directory.
Abstracts of Scheduled Lectures
Chemical compositions of minerals and gems
APStracts 3:0320A, 1996.
Katherine A. Kelly
Dawn A. Rorvik, B.S.
Jeffrey J. Kelly, Ph.D.
Clyde H. Barlow, Ph.D.
Respiratory Diseases
AJP: Journal of Applied Physiology Table of Contents
Springer LINK: Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry - Abstract Volume 2 Issue 4
Professor Jeremy Sanders
Display Formats for Dissertations
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, Volume 113 Issue 1-2
Scientific Program Overview -- Tuesday, September 23 1997
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 493 Issue 1-2
Scientific Program Overview -- Monday, September 22 1997
Dialog BlueSheets
Dr. Neocles B. Leontis Research group
Porphyrin Resources
Yahoo! - Science:Chemistry
Yahoo! - Science:Chemistry:Organic Chemistry
Search Engines for Chemists
InterNIC: The Internet central authority
Yahoo! LinksTo Porphynet
Genetic Engineering News (GEN), the leader in biotechnology information
PROW, Protein Reviews on the Web
Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies
Porphyrin Handbook
Internet Chemistry Resources
CHE 450G Web Resources
The Homepage for Chemists
TopResult,Search for high value websites
SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index
Academic Press Database Book Details
Christian Brückner
Google Search: polyporphyrin
The Planetary Society
CHEMINFO: Chemical Information Sources from Indiana University
Laboratoire de Chimie des Porphyrines
Committee in Support of Justice for Dr. Chun
Orbital Chemistry Links
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM
Professor R.J.Abraham
Professor Robert Johnstone
University of Washington Department of Chemistry: Martin Gouterman Honored
QMW Chemistry - Research Staff - Prof. R. Bonnett
Chemical Biology Lecture Package Series
The PROMISE Database home page
TECHNICALBOOKS.COM » Science » Chemistry » Organic
SCOP: Superfamily: Cupredoxins
SCOP: Family: Plastocyanin/azurin-like
SCOP: Protein: Amicyanin from Paracoccus denitrificans
SCOP: Family: Plastocyanin/azurin-like
SCOP: Fold: 7-bladed beta-propeller
SCOP: Family: monodomain cytochrome c
Cancer Letters, Volume 112 Issue 1
Gallium-porphyrin analogue (Radiation Research)
sonochem 1995 (gallium-porphyrin)
J. Chem. Educ. 1997 (Pressure Sensitive Paint, Martin Gouterman)
Optical and Imaging Techniques in Biomedicine
Kodadek Thomas J.
B. B. Wayland (Rhodium Porphyrin Complexes)
Catalysis and Synthetic Methods / Organic Chemistry
Journal of Molecular Structure, Volume 349 (SERS: Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering)
Biophys J. 71 (1) 309 Sun and Mauzerall. Charge Transfer Across a Single Lipid...
Rockefeller University: David Mauzerall, Laboratory of Photobiology
Dr. Pedatsur Neta (Porphyrin and related Metal Complexes)
A Comic Book Periodic Table
John Arnold
The University of Hong Kong World Wide Web Server
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Home Page
CUHK GIF image 551x480 pixels
ChemWeb Member Home Page
Chemie und Naturwissenschaften
IWN - Linkkiasema / Tiede - Kemia
The Chemical Institute of Canada - Hamilton Section
Chemistry Images I. Transition Metal Systems
Inbred Strains of Mice: SM
Reseau OSIRIS Home Page
Chemistry journals: The most comprehensive list of chemistry journals on-line
Chemistry Resources
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Frequently used CA index headings
Chemcenter from the American Chemical Society
CA SELECTS Publications
Chemical Abstracts Service
Niles & Associates, Makers of EndNote and EndLink
Niles ftp site
www.amazon.com (porphyrin books)
www.amazon.com: The Colors of Life
The Prosthetic groups and Metal Ions in Protein Active Sites Database (PROMISE)
Electronically Active Molecules
Zurich Scientists Position Individual Molecules at Room Temperature
The Sagan Criteria for Life Revisited
Laboratoire de Chimie des Porphyrines
Books About Porphyria (Amazon)
Professor Jeremy Sanders
Porphyrin chemistry. High-field NMR. University of Iowa. Harold Goff.
Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases
Research Interests and Publications: Associate Professor Natalie Foster
Tratnyek Paul G., Associate Professor
German Cancer Research Center/Biostatistics/Publications 1990-1994
Louis J. Ignarro (Molecular & Medical Pharmacology)
Porphyrin Chemistry Directed by K. M. Smith
Ground Water Assessment & Restoration Canada
Porphyrin Resources
Search Results
Infoseek: porphyrin
The Burrell Homepage
David Officer, Institute of Fudamental Sciences
UW Chemistry Department - Research Areas
Caltech Members of the MSC
Biophysics Student Research at the Centenary
Aslan Products International
InSCIght - 18 October 1996: Spotting Shape Shifters
UBC Faculty of Science WWW Server: Home Page
WebElements Periodic Table
En Route to 2,3,7,8,12,13,17,18-Octafluoroporphyrin
Electron Transfer Dyes as Standard for Picosecond Fluorescence Decay Measurements
ENDOR Studies of Alkali Metal Complexes of Porphyrin-Semiquinones
EPR Studies of Porphyrin and Porphyrin-Quinone Triplets
Oliver Trepte, Ingrid Rokahr, Stefan Andersson-Engels,
"Optical spectrometer for a confocal scanning laser microscope with applications in porphyrin containing specimens",
SPIE 2412-20 (1995)
On NH...pi-Facial Hydrogen Bonding Interactions: A Structural and Theoretical Investigation
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