Résumé of Daniel DUPRE

Professional Experience


  • Porphyrins / Metalloporphyrins
  • Sulfonation / Halogenation
  • Catalysts
  • Carbenes / "Sigma" complexes / N-aryl, N-alkylporphyrins / Metallacycles
  • NMR / Chromatography
  • Organic Electrosynthesis

Present: Prof. Nédélec's Group (CNRS)

*From October 1996: Engineer Assistant, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS LECSO, Thiais near Paris, France).

-Organic Electrosynthesis, under the direction of Professor Jean-Yves Nédélec. Four publications.

Dr. Dolphin's Group (UBC)

*April 1990 to March 1996: Senior Research Assistant/Technician 5, University of British Columbia. Work carried out under the direction of Professor David Dolphin

-As part of chemistry development aimed at photodynamic cancer therapy (PDT), I have been involved in the chemistry of b-pyrrole formylated meso-tetraarylporphyrins, where we studied the unexpected cyclized compounds resulting from the acidic treatment of these b-formylporphyrins.

-Synthesis of existing, as well as novel, highly electron deficient meso-tetraarylporphyrins, in particular polyhalogenated and polynitrated, and their metal derivatives. Some of them are used as powerful and robust catalysts for epoxidation and hydroxylation reactions. Others were developed for luminescent thermometry.

-Preparation of their sulfonated derivatives to obtain sterically protected, water-soluble complexes, which are also found to be suitable catalysts, notably in the modeling of the lignin degrading enzyme ligninase (pulp and paper industry), and for the degradation of soil contaminants.

-Fully autonomous in planning and conducting the experiments, searching the literature, developing the protocols and writing reports. Redaction of scientific articles in collaboration with other participating researchers. This work has resulted in the publication of 3 articles.

Dr. Mansuy's Group (CNRS)

*1979-1990: Chemical Technician, "Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique" (UMR-8601 CNRS, PARIS). Work carried out under the directions of Dr. Daniel Mansuy:

-Metalloporphyrins Coordination Chemistry: synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of porphyrinic complexes with Iron-Carbon bonds, Iron-N-alkyl- and N-arylporphyrin complexes, bridged N-alkylporphyrins (metallacycles with Iron, Cobalt and Zinc).

-Synthesis of various meso-arylporphyrins, particularly cationic water soluble ones (N-methylpyridiniumyl porphyrins) bearing different number of charges at various positions, used for DNA interaction studies.

-Organic synthesis of chemicals essential for the elaboration of the above mentioned porphyrins and the studies involved, when not commercially available.

-This work, supervised by Jean-Paul Battioni, has resulted in my participation to 12 scientific articles.

Private companies

*1965-1979: Chemical Assistant for private companies. Duties involved:
  • Analysis and quality controls.
  • Preparation of reactants.
  • Maintenance and inventory of a chemical store.
  • Commercial contacts with clients as a technical salesperson.

Details available upon request.


Hands-on experience (operating and interpretation of the results) in:
  • Techniques requiring a controlled atmosphere (vacuum and inert gas lines, glove box), and, to a lesser extent, in experiments involving light-sensitive compounds.
  • Chromatographic techniques (TLC, rotating preparative TLC, adsorption chromatography, GC).
  • UV-visible and Infra-Red spectrometers.
  • High resolution NMR spectrometers ( Varian, Brucker).
  • Mass spectrometry (interpretation only).


  • Familiar with the use of computers, in particular Apple Macintosh and its Operating System.
  • Computing activities: word processing (Nisus Writer, MS Word), molecular designing (CS ChemDraw), database programming (EndNote for bibliography, FileMaker Pro), Web sites designing (porphyrin.net, stargine.com) with Adobe Golive CS.
  • Professional organizations: member of the Society of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (SPP).
  • Well motivated and self-disciplined person.
  • I enjoy the challenge of interesting problems and through my experience, particularly at the CNRS and at UBC, I have learnt to work in collaboration with others.
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