Comprehensive Natural Products Chemistry: Amino-Acids, Peptides,
Porphyrins and Alkaloids

by Derek Barton (Editor), Koji Nakanishi (Editor), Otto Meth-Cohn (Editor),
D. H. R. Barton, J. W. Kelly, O. Meth-Cohn

Hardcover / Pergamon Press / 1999-02-01


Book Description
This volume covers the exciting advances made in the chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology of amino acid, peptide and alkaloid biosynthesis. The fourteen chapters in this volume briefly introduce classical approaches to deciphering biosynthetic pathways, but largely focus on a synergistic approach, i.e. one applying both chemical and genetic methods to uncover the mysteries associated with the synthesis of some of the worlds most beautiful molecules. Two chapters review our current understanding of alkaloid biosynthesis, which provided much of the impetus for the growth of organic chemistry in the century. Two chapters are devoted to the biosynthesis of Heme prosthetic groups, which have attracted the attention of numerous chemists and biologists over the years. Five chapters focus on peptide and antibiotic biosynthesis, in keeping with the fantastic advances that have been made in understanding non-ribosomal peptide synthesis....