Gold Porphyrins

Spontaneous nucleophilic addition of hydroxide ions to the meso-position of high-valent antimony-oxo porphyrin complexes, a recent paper from Dr. Günther Knör
Synthesis of Covalently Linked Diporphyrins: Model Compounds for Intramolecular Energy and Electron Transfer, a Chalmers dissertation by Johan Kajanus
Surface Plasmon Excitation of Porphyrin Self-assembly Monolayers on a Gold Surface,
(Abstract for a presentation given at the Sixth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology,.by Akito Ishida and Tetsuro Majima.
Ruthenium Porphyrins: Uses and Properties, by Becky Zimmerman (November 4, 1996)
The Search for Gold continues.....
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